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It's time for another exciting edition of Off the Registry. YAY! *canned applause*

Some cultures don't believe in gifting but in many cultures celebrations go hand-in-hand with gift-giving and, let's face it, receiving a thoughtful gift is awesome. Something that someone has clearly noticed about you and acted upon that means something to you. Warm and fuzzies. Gift giving also offers a unique type of joy. Seeing the recipient's delight at receiving a gift they love is a great feeling.

Sometimes gift giving isn't easy though. At a wedding, perhaps the couple in question has been living together and already has 'everything'. A distant colleague's birthday party where you don't know the guest of honour well enough to give a thoughtful gift.

This is where a wedding registry (or baby shower registry, or birthday registry, or bat mitzvah registry) comes in handy. You can be certain that there will be no strange will-never-be-used-foot-spa-type items in your near future if you organise one of these bad boys. It takes the surprise out of the gift receiving but, on the bright side, you get exactly what you want, what suits your taste and what you'll use. Isn't that the basic trifecta for any gift?

Here's my pick from Woolworths' online store. Take a peek.
1. Penguin Cushion
2. Crocheted Cushion
3. Floral Cup
4. Crocheted Blanket
5. Tapas Bowl (a)
6. Tapas Bowl (b)
7. White Plate with Blue Flower
8. Pale Blue Plate with White Daisy Rim
9. Lamp


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