Celebrating USA - DIY Rope Necklace

You may be wondering why I, a South African with no real ties to the USA, would be keen to celebrate with the American's on 4th of July (yes, technically, it's the 5th over here but time differences mean its still 4th in some parts of the USA).

Here are my top two reasons to celebrate 4th of July this year:
1. It's hard for me to pass up any opportunity to celebrate anything.
2. I pulled USA in our work FIFA World Cup draw so I've been celebrating USA and their great performance at the Soccer World Cup for weeks now. Sadly, they were ousted by the Belgians, but the game was a nail-biter and, in my opinion, worthy of celebration.

So there.

At the office we were asked to dress in the colours (or, if I'm American, colors) of the team we pulled. 

I made this necklace and wore with a blue shirt in support of the Red, White and Blue.

What you need:
Candy Cane Striped Rope
Red Embroidery Thread
Elastic Bands

1. Take three equal lengths of rope.
2. Wrap embroidery thread aroud the ends to avoid fraying
3. Fasten the one end with elastic and plait the rope.
4. Fasten the other end of the rope with an elastic band.
5. You now have a long straight plait.
6. Wrap embroidery thread around all three rope ends on either side.
7. Attach a clasp to one end and a ring to the other.
8. Wear


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