wedding dress of the week

Usually I'm all 
'Hey, check out this beautiful wedding dress' 
But today I'm like 
'Hey, I am an decisive human, and I couldn't choose between these four dresses so, y'know, maybe check out all four'.

Seriously though.
Mod Cloth is just getting it so right with their bridal stuff. It's affordable, it's varied and it's downright  gorgeous.

The variation in their range is clearly seen in today's selection.

There's the long, vintage, conservative dress, good for those who don't want their arms and cleavage exposed
There's the long, lacey, dropped neckline dress for those who want a bit more freedom and a boho chic vibe
There's the short, lacey belted dress for those who want things a little less formal but still elegant and romantic
There's the short, simple, cut-out dress for those who want unfussy and uncomplicated but still feminine and fun

Although I've leaned toward a lace vibe with this selection it is still clear that the Mod Cloth has something for every bride. I am a huge fan. And, you know it, they ship to South Africa. Weeeeeeee!


Find these babies here: top left, top right, botton left, bottom right


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