Deep Dish Cookie Pie of Amazingness

I had the best time with dessert.

I read the blog Chocolate Covered Katie whenever I'm craving chocolate but trying to stay healthy... On occasions when I'm craving chocolate and not trying to stay healthy the internet is my oyster, but on the healthy days this blog is one of my go-to's.

I found myself on this blog on a recent afternoon when I needed to make a dessert for a family party. One of the attendees had recently been ill and so had been instructed to be very careful about what she ate until she was completely out of the woods. I came across the recipe for the Deep Dish Cookie Pie and remembered that I had actually bookmarked it years before and forgotten about it. Time lapse clearly evident by my choice to 'bookmark' as this was in a time pre-Pinterest.

Gluten Free. Egg Free. Dairy Free.

It was a sign. I had to make this Deep Dish Cookie Pie and I had to do it now.

And I did.

And it turned out better than I could've imagined.

And it was hilarious.

Why hilarious? Well, sneaky me decided to tell all consumers of the dessert that this was no ordinary dessert but that they had to guess the special ingredient that made the dessert extraordinary. 

Best-Healthy-Chocolate-Dessert-1No winners.

Quick Run-Down of Ingredients: 
Brown Sugar
Chocolate Chips (I used Bourneville Dark Chocolate slabs chopped up roughly)

Gluten Free Oats
Coconut Oil
Vanilla Essence
Baking Soda
Baking Powder
Butter Beans

BUTTER BEANS people. The humble BEAN is the star of the show in this dessert.

The looks on the faces of the picky eaters around the table when they realised they had just been swooning over a food that they wouldn't usually touch gave me the giggles for days.

If you'd like to have the same fun with the picky eaters in your family (or friends) pop over to Chocolate Covered Katie for the recipe. You will not be disappointed. Just make doubly sure not to serve to any bean-allergic guests otherwise your story may have a slightly more dramatic ending.

One small note - the original version of this recipe asks for applesauce (as above). I couldn't find applesauce easily so subbed for a smidge of extra coconut oil and it worked perfectly. I would, however, recommend using applesauce if you can find (or have the time to try to make your own).



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