Natural Dry Shampoo

I was definitely one of those girls in high school that used to rock the powder grey hair look on particularly rough days.

Rough days like when I was running late and my lift to school was 2 minutes away and my mom was yelling that I'd better not make them wait.

On mornings like those there was definitely no time to wash hair. So, if my locks were looking a bit on the greasy side I'd sprinkle a bit of talcum powder and pat and ruffle it into my mane.

And then I'd spend the rest of the day looking like a grey-haired old lady.

Fast-forward to present day: Our geyser burst yesterday. And yes, it's a long weekend. Which means we're on borrowed showers til Tuesday. Gross indeed. On the bright side, after all these years I've found a better way to combat needs-a-wash hair day and it uses just 3 basic ingredients:


Cocoa Powder
Corn Starch

Mix together varying amounts of the above depending on your hair colour and then sprinkle, pat and ruffle the mixture into your hair, usually at the fringe or along the parting.

Go Go Gadget Grease Absorber!

You're ready to rock the day ahead with clean looking and lovely smelling locks in less than a minute. And no one will be able to tell that you haven't showered since yesterday morning.


** Disclaimer - I am borderline OCD about my showers so, since writing this we've been able to borrow some shower time from relatives. But, when in a pickle, this miracle soapless, waterless shampoo really does work!



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