sewing machine dust protector jacket thing - DIY

This is one of those so-simple-not-even-sure-I-can-call-it-a-DIY type of DIYs. 
You know those DIYs that you look at and say "Ooooh, I HAVE to make this"? 
Well, this is not that kind of DIY. Rather, this is the type of thing that arises out of necessity.

(Really selling it aren't I?)

Anyway, this DIY arose out of the following basic equation:
Dust-magnet sewing machine + plain, boring and slightly-stained-with-age machine cover 
= functional but sad
Dust-magnet sewing machine + pretty floral (and wholly stain free) machine cover 
= functional and happy


Here's how it goes down.

Measure your existing sewing machine cover on each side (back, front, left side, right side, top)

Add 1 cm to each side. So if one of your sides measures 10 x 15 cms, you'll cut your fabric to 12 x 17 cms. This will give you an edge to sew.

Using a craft knife or scissors cut a hole in the 'top' piece of fabric for the machine's handle. Then hem the hole to avoid fraying.

Sew together the matching sides as per the diagram below: side A to be sewn to side A, side B to side B and so on.

Once this has been done sew the remaining loose sides to the side closest to it, as shown in the diagram below. Then hem the bottom of the sewing machine cover.
Look at you! You've just made a radtastic floral sewing machine cover in no time flat. Back pats all around.


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