wait... are these wedding appropriate?

Music is the backbone to a wedding. It sets the tone and gets people's feet tapping.

Funny thing is, many hit songs have a pretty sinister or melancholy undertone. So, if you're someone who doesn't accidentally want to have a break-up/divorce/death/you're-a-crazy-b*tch song playing on your big day. Here's a list of 6 popular songs that are really pretty but you might want to avoid:

When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars
I've seen this pop up on quite a few wedding playlists lately. It's a song sung by an ex-lover saying that he regrets losing you. He lists what he would have done to try to keep you happy if he was still with you. Pretty awkward for a wedding.

Every Breath You Take - The Police
Your ex-lover turned stalker is watching every breath you take and every move you make. A little bit unsettling.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Amy Winehouse
A song about a one night stand. Great for a wedding... Maybe ironically... or maybe not.

Billy Jean - Micheal Jackson
Great, a song about a guy who is denying the paternity of his alleged child.

I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
This is a song about a break-up. Bitterweet memories are not an ideal way to start a marriage.

Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton
This song is about the death of Clapton's son. A beautiful and moving tribute but a bit of a downer on your big day.


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