the ladies

The other day I challenged myself to only listen to bands with female vocalists for two days. Most of my favourite bands have male vocalists and when I quizzed a few of my colleagues and friends on their favourite female vocalists many of them either wrinkled their noses or took a good few minutes before they were able to answer (some of them with 'uhhh, dunno'). It's pretty weird actually. And I must admit that I have not even an inkling of a theory of what the reason for this phenomenon might be. And I like to theorize.

In the process of completing this self-inflicted challenge I managed to find a few pretty cool bands that I hadn't heard before. Here are some of them. If you're looking for some ladies to listen to why not give these a try:

Lykke Li                                                                       Club 8

MS MR                                                                      Oh Land


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