on the registry

These days, especially in western based cultures, couples often live together pre-wedding. People are getting married later and some are on their second try so there are often two-households worth of stuff coming into a marriage.

The items that were found on wedding registries in our parent's day are far different to those found today. It's pretty interesting to me that society has changed in this way. No more egg beaters, electric frying pans and pressure cookers. Now it's brushed steel ice tongs, colourful cushions, avo slicers, apple corers and decorative bookends.

Building a home together is fun.

Here are some local, kind quirky, registry items to lust after this week. I know the title of this post is ''on the registry'' but hey, maybe you have a good non-registry related reason to add these to your home. I don't judge.


All currently available on CityMob while stocks last. Glasses, Clock, Cutting Board, Vase


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