wedding dress of the week

Does anyone remember the days when international online stores didn't ship to South Africa? What a bummer. Luckily times have changed and worldwide shipping is as normal as something like Facetime (which, when I was a kid, was the most space-age thing I could ever imagine).

Anthropologie is one of the stores I would have lusted after in sadness, had shipping not evolved to where it is today. Now I just lust after it in sadness because I want ALL THE THINGS but budget says no.

BHLDN is the bridal branch of Anthropologie and my oh my it is just chock full of delicious wedding-y gear. I found this week's gorgeous wedding dress of the week lurking in the reception dress section but I'm loving the shorter dress vibe so, if you ask me, you could totally rock this dress for both ceremony and party time.

I especially love the hem of the dress and the sleeve pleats at the cuff. Swoon!


Find the Spun Sugar Shift at BHLDN or take a look at last week's wedding dress of the week.


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