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If you haven't heard of Hello Pretty yet, you're in for a treat!

Hello Pretty is an online marketplace that curates and facilitates the sale of flippin rad South African designed, produced and created items. From clothing to furniture Hello Pretty has it all. I love the variety of the marketplace as well as the fact that South African talent is embraced and celebrated.

A quick gander around the site and it is clear to see that it's the perfect place for wedding gifts. Here are my favourites for on the registry.

Also, their blog is pretty sweet. 
Okay fine, you're probably not going to be putting a bed on your wedding registry but c'moooon, it's just too lovely to be left off the list. Who's with me? Anyone?

1. Sally Slanter Couch from Wolf and Maiden Creative Studio
2. Wide Pendant Lamp from Modern Gesture
3. Wooden Boards with Wood Wax from Lardiere Fine Foods
4. Large Artichoke Bowl with Wooden Spoons from Lardiere Fine Foods
5. Table Mountain Shaped Pinboard from Get Cork
6. Diamond Coffee Cup from Josephine Road by KA.AD
7. The Low Rider from Joint Fabrication and Design
8. Milky Centre Small Bowls from Modern Gesture
9. Coaster Bowls from Modern Gesture


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