veil vibes

A bride's veil to a bride's outfit does what a good rug does to a room - helps pull it together. (ahem)

Okay, I'm not sure I'm sold on those loooong veils that require 6 bridesmaids to asisst with the transportation so that the bride doesn't snap here neck off (hyperbole: exaggeration for effect, okay) but something small, light and elegant is totally up my street. Luckily times have changed and we're not so worried about veils protecting us from evil spirits any more. Also, these days, if your marriage is arranged you're likely to have seen your husband-to-be prior to the wedding day so the need for a veil to diguise has fallen away. These developments make birdcages and skull caps perfect! Yay!

These are some of what I've been crushing on at the moment. All available from the delightful Etsy

Available from Etsy - Clockwise from top left: BeChic Accessories, Arturo Rios Bridal, Lavender by Jurgita


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