change it up on pinterest - Six Pinners to Follow

Ever feel like your Pinterest feed could use a little added zest?
You do!?
Well gee, you've come to the right place then aven't ya?

I used to feel like sometimes I got stuck in a circle of similarity on Pinterest. I'd follow a board and Pinterest would suggest something to me and I'd love it so I'd follow that board and so on. What that means is that you only end up finding new board to follow based on your current interests. Sometimes it's nice to break out to try to find something completely different that you never would have been exposed to just for a bit of freshness. In those moments I like to challenge Pinterest by searching the most random things I can think of like 'dog eating ice cream' or 'shoes on backwards' or 'bird farts' (cos I'm super mature like that) and seeing what Pinterest finds for me. The results are often surprising and awesome.

If you'd like to find rad new boards to follow the more traditional way you could check out the boards I follow on Pinterest (which I think are pretty neat) or check out my current favourite boards below. 

Find these boards:
illustration: here and there
wedding: right and left
home: this one and that one


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