Got Grapes

This snack felt like a bit of an epiphany to me.
I was at work and a colleague asked if any wanted to share some of her frozen grapes.

Now, I don't live under a rock - I've seen people freezing grapes on Pinterest to use in their wine instead of melty ice blocks. What I was completely oblivious to is that freezing grapes to eat is totally a thing. Of course I had to try it. Of course I loved it immediately. Of course I am now completely obsessed with this snack.

I know it sounds crazy but, when frozen to the correct frozen-ness these actually remind me of ice cream. It might just be me but I think you should try it, just in case.

One last tip on this snack is to make sure your grapes are seedless. Those pesky pips are even more annoying in a frozen grape than the regular type as they seem to cling to the fruit with more determination.


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