Remember that wedding / event trend where the host would leave a disposable point-and-shoot camera on each table so guests could get crazy and take happy snaps of the celebrations?

Well that was like soooo 5 years ago.

Welcome to this decade.
Welcome to Instagram.
And welcome to official event hashtags.

Think of it as a simple and perfectly effective way to compile your guest’s snaps of your big day into one big virtual album.

So, the idea is to choose an official hashtag for your event (probably a good idea to make it a relatively unique hastag to avoid your event pictures being mixed up with the rest of the Instagram world’s) then let your guests know that they should use the hashtag in all of their photos throughout the day.

And that’s it.

The next morning (and forever after) you get to relive the day through the eyes of your guests. 
Love it!


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